[a] — naked

Hi there! My name is akts('Ashish') & you've reached my personal space on the web.
I am a network / system admin, who got inspired by Jeffrey Way & xero to write and set up a website.
I also code, often in C / C++.

about [b]

[b] is my online blog, duh!. There, you'll find what makes me tick. The things I share will mostly be about computing (not the hardcore stuff though, I'm still getting there). Most posts will be on random things, that I find interesting in the *nix realm.

under [b]'s hood

Nothing! [b] is just a couple of HTML+CSS files hosted on 000webhost. Although some time in the future, I plan on bringing in some dynamic content. Why pure HTML? Because I love it. It's fun and I'm just learning about the evil ways of writing things from scratch.

[a] loves

That's all folks. Hope you guys have fun reading [b] , as I have writing it. Have a great time!